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Information on Accident Reports in the NIAGARA REGION

The Niagara Regional Police have recently changed how auto accident reports are issued within the Niagara District.

In the past, the police used to issue a carbon copy of the hand written accident report to all drivers involived in the accident. The police are now using electronic accident reports to document and record collisions. As a result, they are now only providing drivers witha business card and a report number.

In the event that your auto accident causes you to make a claim, your Independent Insurance Broker wants to help make your claims experience a smooth and quick process. We encourage you to ask the Niagara Regional Police officer to provide you with:

1) Officer’s Name, Badge Number & Police Report Number

2) All other Driver’s information – Driver’s Name, License Number, Insurance Company Name & Policy Number

You are within your Consumer Rights to have access to this information at the scene of an accident.

Click HERE for a Print Out of this information